Contemporary Still Life [New York, NY]


PRESS RELEASE: Contemporary Still Life [New York, NY], Mar 20 - Apr 28, 2017


Cavalier Galleries is pleased to announce an outstanding exhibition of recent paintings in the still-life genre. Contemporary Still Life will highlight the work of several of today’s leading realist artists whose works honor this traditional theme and explore modern approaches to the subject.  The exhibition will be on view from March 20 through April 28 at Cavalier’s New York gallery located at 3 West 57th Street, on the 4th Floor.  A reception celebrating the opening of the exhibition will be held on Thursday, March 23 from 5-7pm, with several of the featured artists in attendance.

The long-standing tradition of still-life painting has roots in ancient Graeco-Roman art, but emerged as a distinct artistic genre by the late 16th Century. Giving artists the freedom to arrange their own selected elements into a composition has allowed this genre to evolve as artists select objects that reflect the current era.  From commonplace objects and traditional natural subject matter, to more playful trompe-l'œil works, Contemporary Still Life will survey the diversity of the genre in the present day.

Artists featured in this exhibition include: Tommy TC Carlsson, Jenness Cortez, John Darley, Joel Carson Jones, Sarah Lamb, Jeffrey T. Larson, Edward Minoff, Robert Stark III, Elizabeth Weiss, and Robert Zappalorti.