New Works by Paul Oxborough [New York]


PRESS RELEASE: New Works by Paul Oxborough [New York], Nov 18 - Dec 31, 2021

Cavalier Gallery is proud to announce the opening of “New Works by Paul Oxborough,” an exhibition featuring a collection of brilliant new works by the renowned modern master. The exhibition will be on view from November 18 – December 31st, 2021 at 3 W. 57th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY.

Oxborough draws upon techniques of both impressionism and realism in his approach to painting. A student of the French academic tradition, Oxborough expertly portrays a variety of subjects from interiors and portraits to outdoor figures and landscapes, proving his mastery of light. One can feel the extreme care put into every bottle, flower, gesture, and garment in his works.  His renderings of restaurants and bars are vibrant and welcoming. The viewer takes on a very intimate, participatory role in the scene, one that makes you feel as though you yourself are seated in the room. With a spontaneous air, he captures his subjects engaged in familiar activities, such as mixing a drink, eating a meal, or watching a film. In the process, he makes the ordinary extraordinary.

Several works in this exhibition highlight the vibrancy of New York City and allow us to celebrate the re-emergence of the city. In Balthazar, Oxborough paints two waiters preparing for their next round of guests by setting a table at the elegant French brasserie in Soho. Meanwhile, Bemelmans Bartenders catches a fleeting moment in time as two red-suited bartenders serve their patrons at the chic piano bar of The Carlyle Hotel. The viewer catches a glimpse of one of Ludwig Bemelmans murals that adorn the walls, after which the bar takes its name. As New York returns from nearly two years of isolation, these works by Oxborough are a welcome reminder of the spark of life we see once again in the city’s bars, restaurants, and theaters.

In addition to these scenes of New York life, visions of restaurants and bars around the globe, as well as a few familiar scenes of everyday life - such as a woman eating breakfast at a sun-lit table, excited children in a movie theater, and young boys exploring a box of glow sticks - take a front seat in the exhibition. Oxborough’s aptitude for light, texture, and energy are sustained throughout all of these works. As this exhibition exquisitely demonstrates, his paintings are reflections of his own poignant observations on life, all of which bear an undeniable sentiment of modern-day humanity.

Paul Oxborough has been honored with numerous works exhibited at both the British and Scottish National Portrait Galleries, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, as well as several other notable museums. Paul has had over a dozen solo shows and his work is included in collections world-wide.

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