Jim Rennert "With These Hands"


PRESS RELEASE: Jim Rennert "With These Hands", Jan  9 - May 31, 2020

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
January 9 - May 31, 2020
253 Barcelona Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Jim Rennert’s exhibition, With These Hands, showing at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden in Palm Beach, Florida, showcases 14 of Rennert’s most iconic sculptures and will be the first large scale, multi-work exhibit of Rennert’s work. Rennert has become known for his unique portrayal of “the everyman,”- a figure representing the struggles and emotions the modern person faces day to day. Jim Rennert’s Monumental works have been exhibited publicly throughout the country, including New York City, Pacific Palisades, CA, Aspen, CO, Fort Worth, TX, Santa Fe, NM, Los Angeles, CA, Palm Beach, FL and Naples, FL. . Rennert is constantly shaping his figures to reflect society around him, making his sculpture immediately relatable to the viewer as they recognize themselves in his work. This exhibition includes 5 monumental pieces, including Think Big, Rennert’s first monumental public installation in New York which has since become his most iconic figure, as well as other life-sized and large-scale works.

In partnership with Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary

View more information on the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens website: www.ansg.org