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News & Events: Summer Highlights Part I - Online Viewing Room Now Open, August  8, 2020

Summer Highlights Part I - Online Viewing Room Now Open

August 8, 2020

Cavalier Galleries is pleased to present Summer Highlights, Part I, an online group exhibition showcasing selected works that reflect the spirit of the summer season. Available online from August 8 – September 6, 2020, this exhibition includes works by 20 different artists with a variety of paintings, photography, and sculpture. Maritime scenes by Maarten Platje, Louis Guarnaccia, and John Terelak capture dynamic scenes of racing yachts and working boats at sea, while an iconic Nantucket landscape by Robert Stark shows luminous rays shining down on a signature red cat boat. Alternatively, a life-size sculpture of a little girl holding a shell to her ear by Jane DeDecker reminds viewers of carefree days at the beach, and Jenness Cortez invites us into an imagined interior where a Winslow Homer masterpiece greets us in our living room. Works by David Bareford, Nicholas Berger, Tracy Burtz, Debranne Cingari, Frank Corso, Michele D'Avenia, Michael Kahn, Marla Korr, Edward Minoff, Paul Oxborough, Jan Pawlowski, Douglas Wiltraut, Li Xiao, and Lori Zummo round out this exceptional selection. While each piece is stylistically distinctive, they each convey the essence and beauty of summertime.

The works in this exhibition are available for viewing by appointment in any of our gallery locations, or in your home, as well as in our online viewing room at www.cavaliergalleriesonlineviewingroom.com

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