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Protecting Your Investment

Fine Art Appraisal & Collection Management Services:

Insurance Appraisals provide the documentation necessary to safeguard the value of your collection from loss due to fire, theft, damage, etc. Division of Property Appraisals will assist in determining the division of personal property in cases of divorce, bankruptcy or death.   An up-to-date appraisal contains the information required to facilitate equitable distribution of the collection.

Estate Appraisals are conducted upon the death of an artist or collector. An estate must be assigned a value for federal tax purposes. A careful determination of the market value of the collection will ensure that the estate is not over taxed.   Donation and Gift Appraisals are required by the IRS when a charitable contribution of one or more items is valued over certain amount. Sales or Purchase Advice Appraisals involve market analysis and consultation in order to optimize financial benefit with buying and selling decisions regarding the collection.

Ronald J. Cavalier, Jr. is a member of the Appraisers Association of America, specializing in the following areas: Contemporary Art, General Sculpture, Late 19th & 20th Century American Sculpture, Late 19th & 20th Century European Sculpture.   Our colleagues collaborate with us in determining the value of, and creating appraisals for, works outside Mr. Cavalier’s areas of expertise

Fees vary based on the type and quantity of the appraisal requested and will be assessed on an individual basis. Large collections will be given a discounted rate.  Please contact the gallery for a price quote specific to your circumstances. Appraisal fees of works purchased from Cavalier Galleries Inc. will also receive a discounted rate.

Representatives from several insurance companies have expressed the problem of clients not having their artwork properly appraised. They cited numerous situations where artworks were stolen or damaged beyond repair making it virtually impossible for the owner to get an accurate appraisal for claim compensation. A properly prepared appraisal will be vital should you need to file an insurance claim. 

A member of the Appraisers Association since 1999, Ron Cavalier is qualified to appraise and protect your collection.  In addition to appraisal services, Cavalier Galleries can consult on sculpture and painting preservation, installation and acquisition. We also provide professional cataloguing for your collection in both print and digital form.

Contact us today to request an appraisal or other collection management services: