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Federico Uribe


Colombian, b. 1926

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Federico Uribe lives and works in Miami. His artwork resists classification. Rooted in the craft of sculpture and paint, it rises from intertwining everyday objects in all possible and surprising ways, but still with a formal reference to the history and tradition of classical art.
Uribe studied art at the University of Los Andes in Bogota and in 1988 left for New York to study a master-of-fine-arts degree under the supervision of Luis Camnitzer. It was the beginning of a journey that included years of studies and work in Cuba, Mexico, Russia, England and finally Miami.
Initially his formation began as a painter with sensual and brooding canvases influenced by his dark reflections on the Catholic sense of pain, guilt and sexuality.
In 1996, abandoning his paintbrushes and attracted by the usually neglected beauty of simple objects in daily use, he began to observe them with care, collect them, set them side by side and combine them. They became unusual instruments of a new aesthetic, full of color, irony and lively playfulness.
Uribe creates sculptures which are not sculpted but constructed and weaved, in curious and unpredictable, repetitive and almost compulsive ways. They follow the classical canons of figurative and abstract art, but the result is absolutely whimsical, yet contains enormous efficacy and communicability. When observed from close, his works reveal various kinds of interpretations; they invite us to touch them, to discover the detail and connection between one element and another. When viewed from further away, they offer volumes, forms, textures and color. Distance, proximity and perception are key factors in the interconnection between Uribe’s work and its viewers.

1990 Instituto Superior de Arte - La Habana, Cuba
1988/89 State University of New York, under the supervision of Luis Camnitzer
1984/87 Universidad de los Andes - Bogotá, Colombia

2016 Montgomery Museum of Art Montgomery, AL, USA
2016 MASS MoCA – “Here Comes the Sun” North Adams, MA, USA
2016 Adelson Galleries – “Animals and Friends” New York, NY, USA
2015 Adelson Galleries – “At Peace” Boston, MA, USA
2015 Colombian Embassy – “TransformArt” Washington DC, USA
2014 South Florida ArtCenter - “30th Anniversary” Miami, FL, USA
2014 Adelson Galleries - “Drawn in Pencils” New York, NY, USA
2014 Adelson Galleries - “Objects In a Mirror” Boston, MA, USA
2013 Now Contemporary Art - “The Realm Of the Unreal” Miami, FL, USA
2013 Museo de Arte de Pereira - “Color Construido” Pereira, Colombia
2013 KM Fine Arts L.A - “Compulsive Pencil” Los Angeles, CA, USA
2013 Hudson River Museum - "Fantasy River" New York, NY, USA
2013 Museo de Arte contemporaneo de Panama - "Dos Hemisferios" Panama
2012 Art Platform Los Angeles, CA, USA
2012 Now Contemporary Art - “Painting on a Shoestring” Miami, FL, USA
2011 Now Contemporary Art - “Once Upon a Time” Miami, FL, USA
2011 B R Museum of Art - “The World According Federico Uribe” Boca Raton, FL, USA
2010 Vero Beach Museum - “Abstract-o” Vero Beach, FL, USA
2010 Wolfsonian Museum - "Slowly but surely" Miami Beach, FL, USA
2010 Water Front Park "Cyclic" Palm Beach, FL, USA
2010 Praxis Gallery - "Risk" West Palm Beach, FL, USA
2009 Chelsea Art Museum - "Pencilism" New York, NY, USA
2009 Oratorio di San Rocco - "Human Nature" Padova, Italy
2009 FUMI Gallery - "Sculptures by Federico Uribe" London, UK
2009 Praxis Gallery - "Abstract-O" - Miami, USA
2008 La Comunidad - "Animal Farm" Miami, FL, USA
2007 Chelsea Art Museum - "Human Nature" New York, NY, USA
2006 PUMA - "Human Nature" Miami, FL, USA
2006 Annina Nosei Gallery (Scope) - "Solo Show" Miami, FL, USA
2005 Design Miami - "Second Nature" Miami, FL, USA
2005 Jacob Karpio Gallery (Art Basel) - "Pencil paintings" Miami Beach, FL, USA
2004 Art Museum of the Americas (O.A.S) - "Federico Uribe" Washington, USA
2004 Jacob Karpio Gallery - "Garden on gardening tools" Palm Beach, FL, USA
2004 Joan Guaita Art Gallery - "Federico Uribe" Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2003 Annina Nosei Gallery - "Comments on Paintings" New York, NY, USA
2003 Bass Museum of Arts - "Garden on tools" & "Screwed" Miami, FL, USA
2002 Annina Nosei Gallery - "Screwed" New York, NY, USA
2002 Angel Romero Gallery - "Cactus Garden" Miami, FL, USA
2001 Annina Nosei Gallery - "Torsos" Chicago, IL, USA
2001 Futurshow - "Cactus Garden" Bologna, Italy
2000 Annina Nosei Gallery - "Adam and Eve" New York, NY, USA
2000 Instituto Cabañas - "Silfides y Jardin de Cactus" Guadalajara, México
1999 Adriana Schmidt Gallery - "Federico Uribe" Köln, Germany

2017 California Center for the Arts – “Second Time Around” Escondido, CA, USA
2017 RoCA - “Repsychling” Nyack, NY, USA
2017 Mattatuck Museum Waterbury, CT, USA
2016 Lehman College Art Gallery - "Bedazzled" New York, USA
2015 Queens Museum – “An Inclusive World” New York, USA
2014 Somerville-Manning Gallery - "The Art of the Dog" Greenville, USA
2014 Hudson River Museum - "The Peacock and Beauty in Art" New York, NY, USA
2013 Villa Rot Museum - "At every turn" Burgrieden, Germany
2013 Grassi Museum - "Experimental shoe design" Leipzig, Germany
2012 The Andrew Freedman Home - "This Side of Paradise" New York, USA
2010 Now Contemporary Art - "Parallel Realities" Miami, FL, USA
2009 Praxis Miami, FL, USA
2008 Luminaire & Christie’s - "Paper Love" Miami, FL, USA
2008 Opera Gallery - "Latin American Flavor" Dubai, UAE
2007 Transylvania University - "Imprinted Bodies" Lexington USA
2004 Museum of Modern Art - "Push Play" Jacksonville, FL, USA
2004 The Ignatian Center for The Arts - "American Dream" Miami, FL, USA
2003 Polk Museum of Art - " A Painting Over a Sofa" Lakeland, USA
2003 National Gallery of Cayman Islands - " Fresh" Cayman Islands
2002 The Nassau County Museum of Art - "The Latin Century" New York, USA
2002 Art Center - "The Medium is the Message" Miami, FL, USA
2001 Bernice Steinbaum Gallery - "A Painting Over a Sofa" Miami, FL, USA
2001 The Babilonian Wilner Collection - "Circos Globulos" Berkeley, USA
2000 Luis Adelantado Gallery - "3a Convocatoria Internacional" Valencia, Spain

The Speed Art Museum Louisville, KY
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA
Copelouzos Family Collection Athens, Greece
United Arab Emirates Royal Family Collection UEA
Hermes Fondation Paris, France
Bulgari collection Italy
Jacob Javits New York, USA
Vero Beach Museum Vero Beach, USA
Bass Museum of Arts Miami, USA
Bacardi Foundation México
Delphina Entrecanales England

2008 NYF International Advertising Awards – Silver & Bronze medals
2001 Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs - “New Forms Miami” Miami, FL, USA
2000 South Florida Art Center Miami, FL, USA
1992 The Delfina Studios Trust London, U.K
1991 Ciudad de México México, D.F.

2014 Drawn in Pencils - Adelson Galleries
2014 Objects In a Mirror - Adelson Galleries
2010 Now Contemporay Art - “Federico Uribe”
2009 Praxis Gallery - “Pencilism”
2009 Praxis Gallery - “Abstracts-O”
2009 Oratorio di San Rocco - “Human Nature”
2008 Opera Gallery - “Ma Tse Lin & Federico Uribe
2004 The Ignatian Center For The Arts - “American Dream”
2004 Jacksonville Museum of Art - “Push Play Redefining Pop”
2001 Bernice Steinbaum Gallery - “A Painting Over a Sofa”

2014 Museum of Arts – “Arts mean business” – Feb.6 Fort Lauderdale, USA
2008 Miami Art Museum - MAM Art Trekkers - Lecture Nov.15 Miami, FL, USA
2008 Bass Museum of Arts - ArtCrowd - Lecture Jan.15 Miami, FL, USA
2007 Los Altos de Chavon School of Design -Workshop Oct.10-13 Dominican Republic
2007 FIU Visual Art Department - Workshop Oct. 4 Miami, FL, USA
2007 Bass Museum of Arts - ArtCrowd - Lecture Sep.5 Miami, FL, USA
2007 Frost Art Museum - Latin American & Caribbean Art Lecture Series” Apr.17 Miami, FL, USA
2006 Inside Out - “Pecha Kucha”- Lecture Dec.7 Miami, FL, USA
2003 Bass Museum of Arts - ArtCrowd - Lecture Aug.18 Miami, FL, USA